Family Photography Session Golden Gate Park

Posted by Dave Medal on April 3, 2019
Mom holding baby in the air
Little girl and dog sitting on a blanket
family walking through Golden Gate Park
family sitting on a bench with a dog during family photo session
family playing together in golden gate park
baby sitting between moms legs
baby clapping with mom
Parents holding their daughter
Family seated on a bench with their child on their lap
Father holding Child in arms

I really love shooting a family photography session. Its such a different speed than weddings and also a great time to catch up with friends old and new. I get to spend a couple hours with families with a more relaxed pace and really feel like I get to showcase their family dynamics in such an intimate way. Sometimes I do these in peoples homes but when weather permits I always like going outside.

I met up with the Koonses in Golden Gate Park for their session. The family used to live right by the park and its truly such a special place for them. They got engaged there, and Libby (the cutest little girl) celebrated her first birthday there. San Francisco weather can be tricky but we had sunny weather and a happy kid and dog:) Libby is such a spirited and playful little girl and she really is such a perfect blend of her parents. Bernadette is such a well trained French Bulldog and is truly such a sweet big sister! With all the recent rain California is lush and green right now.

There are so many beautiful parts of Golden Gate Park and it was hard to decide where to take photos with all the different landscapes and environments. We contemplated taking photos by the botanical garden and the prehistoric plants, but when we passed by this little trail decided it was perfect! It was a cozy little nook with a patch of grass, a nice trail and wonderful light. They were well prepared and had a cute little blanket that they often use for park adventures and it worked out wonderfully. It’s a perfect time to schedule a session. I really loved the fun playful images we captured during our family photography session. Thank you to the Koonses for being such wonderful photography subjects.

Location : Golden Gate Park

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